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What is marble?

Ever since the human race began building, stone has attracted attention. A powerful gift of nature that he can use to build a shelter. Over time, stone has always become one of our main building materials. Today, after hundreds of years and with all the technological developments, we humans have not lost our interest in this gift of nature, and modern architecture is as interested in stone as ancient Greek architecture was in this stone.
Modern architecture in our time is characterized by the type of use of stone today,
The main use of stone is for decorative and aesthetic purposes. The stones used in construction are of very dense and heavy types. Common stones used in construction include sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. These stones are especially suitable for engineers and architects because of their high durability and good strength, while they are also beautiful. At the same time,
marble It is one of the types of sedimentary stones that is very popular in our country.

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