Construction Force is a leading construction company

The development of science has led to the development of building systems in the world .”

who are we

AZP Construction Force Company for general contracting and modern construction technology
. A company working in the field of contracting (Post Tension) and real estate investments since 2017. It is considered one of the leading companies in this field, due to the achievements the company has achieved, as witnessed by all its clients and the parties with which it has dealt, due to the company’s accuracy in standards in its field.

Why us

We have long experience in our field and we have specialists with more than 10 years of experience.

Our message

With the strength of the spirit of the AZP Construction Force team, we were able to provide great value and high-quality technologies in modern building systems.

Our goal

Saving time and cost in construction by using modern, modern construction methods, as well as luxury for the customer

Our vision

To be the best in real estate construction and development to build what helps people enjoy complete comfort and luxury

An explanatory video of how to install post tension

A video explaining the work of post-tension tiles from start to finish

To learn how to make openings in post tension tiles
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Our services

We have long experience in our field, and therefore we can provide you with distinguished services.





Our customers

............. Some of the major companies in Egypt appreciate us for their services ...............

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Building 63 - Second Neighborhood -
Second District - Badr City - Cairo